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Sunday, December 05, 2010

I'm Kindled But Not Kindling

A couple of months ago my son Mike offered to kindle me. It seemed like an odd suggestion. I had no real desire to be set on fire. I recall Dave Barry's son lighting an ear wax removing candle in Dave's ear, and that was about as incendiary as anyone should ever become. Becoming kindling was quite out of the question.

Apparently. I was wrong, something I am quite an expert at being.

Mike was simply offering to take some of my books and make them available through Amazon for people who own the electronic reader that Amazon sells.

So, just in time for Christmas, there is a Kindle version of my holiday book, Holly Jolly Frivolity. It's $2.99 at

You can order it without worrying about me bursting into flames...

I hope.

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