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Friday, August 05, 2011

Back In One Piece

Diane and I just returned from a week of sailing, snorkeling, and relaxing on Peter Island in the British Virgins. The sailing was incredible, aboard an 81' monohull sailboat we chartered for an evening cruise and an all-day sailing and snorkeling trip.

The only moment of sheer panic came when I was getting off the boat back at the resort. With one leg and crutch on the dock and one leg and crutch on the boat, the gap between boat and dock began to widen significantly. I won't lie. I was very worried about the potential damage to my testiculars.

Now it's back to work on the sequel to Crossbow. I have managed to plot out most of the chapters, now to actually develop the story around the plot points.

I am really pleased with the growth in sales of my books so far this year. My March Kindle format sales alone beat my sales for all of 2010 in paperback. The July sales were 432% higher than that! Thank you to all of you who are buying the books. If you'd like to order books visit the Gordon Kirkland page on Amazon.

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