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Sunday, November 06, 2011

If I Keep This Up I Might Get Organized

A lot has been going on lately, so you haven't seen a lot of blogging going on from the offices of Gordon Kirkland and At Large Publishing. I am going to try to change that in the coming weeks, as I will be doing a number of things with this blog. For example: 
  • I will be writing a number of new essays to be included in a new book scheduled for sometime in the first quarter of 2012.
  • I plan to use this blog to comment on the publishing industry in its current state of flux.
  • I will be giving advice to other writers as momentary flashes of brilliance (or something that might pass for it) bounce to the surface inside my head.
  • I will keep you posted on upcoming appearances, and fill you on on them as they occur.
So What Has Been Going On Around Here?

Well for one thing, from mid-May until very recently I have been dealing with some health issues that are part of the wonderful world of being a paraplegic. For a good part of the summer I was walking around with an intravenous pump strapped to my chest feeding some killer antibiotics into my system. 

The pump came off in time for Diane and I to get away for a week to Peter Island in the British Virgin Islands, where we did a lot of snorkeling, sailing and most importantly relaxing.

But that's not why you read this blog is it? You are hear to find out about my writing, and hopefully how my experiences can help you with yours.

I didn't release a new book in 2010. As a result, I had two nearing completion and ready for launching in 2011.

April saw the launch of Crossbow, my darkly comedic mystery novel. (Think Fargo without a wood chipper.) This was the book I started during the taping of the TV series The Three Day Novel. A lot of work went into rewriting what I wrote on the set, and turning it into a full length novel.

On September 24th, I released The Plight Before Christmas, a comedy about a family experiencing a wide array of calamities and disasters leading up to a holiday season in the early 1960's. Basically, it is the story of what can happen when Murphy's Law takes over and runs amuck through the holidays.

Much of my time in the office has been spent on the marketing of these two books. Book Marketing has changed significantly since my earlier books were released. I don't have to spend weeks touring all over the continent anymore. I've been doing online interviews, and promoting through social networking. It's a lot easier, cheaper, and surprisingly, just about as time consuming! I'll be doing several local appearances in the weeks, and I will keep you all up to date on that.

In the next posting I will let you know about the directions we will be taking here in the coming weeks and months.

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