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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This Lack Of Professionalism Is Criminal

I must say that I am not impressed with the quality of criminals I see out there these days. It seems the profession of brilliant criminal mastermind has been eroded.

I can empathize with the Tony Sopranos of the world who see these rank amateurs trying to hone in on their trade. It must be just as frustrating for them as it is for me when people with the writing skills of a drunken gnat claim to be writers, just because they happened to sell a poem about their dairy air to a milk marketing board for a $5.00 discount coupon for the purchase of a cheese wheel.

In the past two weeks, one of my credit cards and my bank debit card have both been hacked. My bank card took a hit for $400.00, not the big cash haul that old Tony would have kept hidden in his bird seed bin in the back yard. My credit card, though had one single massive charge applied against it. The amount was awe inspiring.


No, I didn't forget any zeros, or put the decimal in the wrong spot. Someone went to the effort of using my credit card for a fraudulent $6.00 fee for an online service.

They didn't order porn, although I can't imagine the quality of porn one might get for $6.00, and my brain keeps screaming whenever I think about what it might look like. They didn't download the greatest hits of Leonard Nimoy from a music site. They didn't even buy a collectable teacup for their grandmother from eBay.

He or she used my card to do an online check on the status of their impending court case in the British Columbia Court Services.

OK, I admit that I don't have any experience with the ins and outs of credit card fraud, but wouldn't you think that one of the first things they would teach you at criminal mastermind school is not to use someone's credit card for something that can easily be traced back to you? I'd think the second thing might be that it's not a good idea to perpetrate fraud on the legal system.

Both cases rendered my cards unusable until replacements could be sent out. Now that was annoying. Forget the banks and the credit card companies. I think I would be well within my rights to turn this over to the goodfellas who are having their professional image besmirched.

What we need here is a good old fashioned whacking. Freakin' A.

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